"Dynamic, lush music and an elevated level of musicianship kept us all transfixed...”

Mary Roth, Casa Verde House Concert, 2019

Amelia Romano and her ensemble bring both electrifying levels of technique and dynamic lyrical musical interpretation to their performance..." 

Markus, Amaranta House Concert Host , 2018


"The music of Luminance Ensemble is truly satisfying; an uplifting journey of original music with South American rhythms and jazz flavors. The unique combination of harp, trumpet, and bass are a beautiful elixir for the soul. "

-Kim, Mt. Tabor House Concerts, 2017

Photo Credit Hanoi Hantrakul

Photo Credit Hanoi Hantrakul

Formed in the Mission District of San Francisco, Luminance, an electric harp and trumpet collaboration, is a celebration of folk and concert traditions. the duo’s collaborative process highlights each member as a composer, improviser and arranger.  Together Harpist, Amelia Romano, and trumpeter, Matthew Ebisuzaki, bring spontaneous improvisation, contagious rhythms and soulful melodies to the stage for an unforgettable conversation.

Photography by Manali Sibthorpe and Hanoi Hantrakul