"Amelia is truly passionate about playing harp and teaching harp lessons. Amelia is very accommodating and encouraging and she always picks the pieces that I like. She never fails to challenge and motivate me to spend more time playing the harp to get to the next level. I have been taking harp lesson with Amelia for four months now and I am so grateful that I am taking harp lessons from such a seasoned and talented harpist."

–Lisa Chau

"Amelia’s ability to share her passion for the harp inspires me. She’s extremely patient with my slow progress but still challenges me to go beyond my perceived limits. I’m amazed at what I have been able to accomplish in our time together. I always look forward to our weekly lesson because I know I will come away smiling and feeling a sense of accomplishment."

–Lu Canton

"From the onset of our lessons, even though I was a total beginner, Amelia has encouraged and taught me how to vary a piece and make it my own (I'm just trying to keep my thumbs up!) She has always pushed me to find my own musical identity and voice. Even where my musical leanings start heading towards something different from her Latin, Greek, and African styles, she went above and beyond to relearn and teach me my style. I love her eclectic and worldly style and look forward to learning how her creative mind works."

 –Aileen Walton

"I like Amelia because she is a very hands-on teacher. If you don’t understand the music or fingering, she’ll play it out slowly and show you what you’re getting wrong. She will always encourage you and won’t work above your level, but she will push you so that you learn quicker. Amelia is a GREAT teacher!!"

-Ava Gaughan

"Amelia is a wonderful teacher and an excellent role model for young women and musicians. She is diligent, joyful and disciplined in her own practice of music and really embodies the artistry of music. Ava and Amelia share a love of music and we appreciate how seriously Amelia takes Ava’s work and passion for her music... We particularly like that Amelia stresses performance with her students, and encourages them to play for people... - music is always better when it is shared."

–Parents of Ava Gaughlan


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